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In my last post I was lamenting the fact that magic is no longer a viable hobby for many people and was wondering why. The more I thought about it, I think that we, as a nation, are getting tired of getting punched in the stomach as soon as we get up in the morning and the continuing barrage of bad news throughout the day makes it nigh impossible to have any fun.

The constant pounding of the bad news drums makes escape impossible.

Just think of all the things we face EVERY morning:

1356474 KARASH!! The sound of the value of your house going down and showing no signs of hitting the bottom.
CEO60 Stuff – Stuff – Steal – Steal – Laugh Ass Off – Steal More – Never Enough…… America’s C.E.O.s trying to find more orifices to stuff the hundreds of millions of dollars they are stealing under the guise of free market forces.
DownGraphSm FLUSH – Swirl The unmistakable sound of your possible retirement / 401(K) going to hell in the Bush economy.
Inflation-sm AH! At last! Something going up. Yeah, the cost of gas, food, utilities etc. I must be wrong – our government says inflation is only 2%.
Dead Silence That’s the sound of George Bush taking ownership or even acknowledging ANY problems. Terror – Terror – Terror – Sell the fear!
imGoldenScrew-sm That’s the sound of the MBAs and CPAs working overtime trying to send your job to India and save the salary. Don’t worry though, the Bush roaring economy (to quote Rush Limbaugh) is producing plenty of jobs. (Yeah! At McDonalds and Walmart!)
Broke-sm Forget the jobs at McDonalds and Walmart. The illegal aliens got those.
Toilet-sm That’s the sound of your house value going down more since you started reading this post.
FallingDollarSm That’s the U.S. $ going down the toilet.
Vaseline-sm KaChing! That’s you checking out at Walmart, buying the Vaseline you’ll need as the local and Federal government continue to raise taxes and regulations – seemingly unaware of all of the problems they’ve caused.

In other days we looked forward to some sort of hero – Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Lassie, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Superman and many others. Today as we stare in the distance, what do we see? Larry, Curly and Hillary! What a mess. What a fucking mess.

No wonder we’re depressed. Meanwhile the Republicans blame the press – any port in a storm I guess.

To Bush and the thief he calls a VP – A tribute from i/m:

cheney bush bush

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