My 1st Broken Resolution of 2008


TacTicsHere’s the marketing poop:

A tic tac box is shown empty all the way around. You take the coin and slam it on the tic tac box. You can see and hear the coin melting through the plastic and end up inside the container. Your hands are clean after the coin penetrates the box. Immediately give away the box with the coin inside to your spectator. There’s nothing to find out. Your spectators can keep the tic tac with the coin trapped inside. Forget everything you have seen.
This is: Pure.Visual. Magic.

  • Easy to do
  • 100% examinable
  • No holes in the box
  • Can be performed surrounded
  • You end up clean
  • Give away the tic tac with the coin!

The effect is simple and very effective. Anyone can perform this truly amazing miracle.

The DVD features UK’s successful performer Jonathan Egginton teaching the most VISUAL coin through tic tac box EVER. Period.

I had honestly resolved to concentrate on the few good products that are available and try to let the rancid crap that is so pervasive alone. As you can see – I couldn’t resist. Some things are so, so bad that ignoring them does everyone a disservice.

To complete the marketing, here’s the video:

Tac Tics

To those that surf the Cafe, I know we hear caveat emptor and all kinds of excuses for the plethora of crap be sold as miracles. We’re told that we should understand that puffery is a part of the marketing etc.etc. I have this argument with family and friends all the time. Isn’t it time we start calling a lie a lie and expect advertisements to deliver what they promise!?!?!

Let’s look at the ad point by point.

1. Easy to do – yeah I guess so, if you want to do it.

2. 100% examinable – boy they push the truth here. There is an implication that the coin is borrowed or can be examined. This is absolutely false. The only examination occurs after the trick is done and then I suspicion the modus operandi is fairly obvious – at least on the appearing part.

3. No holes in the box – OK. So what!

4. Can be performed surrounded – again misleading. Certainly not just wearing a shirt as shown in the video. A coat / vest is most certainly required.

5. You end up clean – You’re NOT clean. There’s nothing extra in your hands, but the work is still in the box and the other coin is “around”.

Just because I have years of training in keeping secrets, I’m not exposing this piece of crap, but just imagine the lamest method possible and you’ll be close. Remember, you don’t borrow a coin – they can’t examine the coin – it’s not marked in any way. Basically you show a coin – vanish it and make a different coin appear in the box. Whoopee do!! You too can do miracles for only $25.

This is not a $25 trick. Actually, it’s not even a 25 cent trick – even if they threw in the 5 cent gimmick. It is an idea you might use as filler in a $5 set of lecture notes. There is nothing original, clever or even magical here, so to the producers and author we award the i/m Steel Balls award for their unmitigated disregard of the buying public and willingness to sell this garbage for an exorbitant price – or any price at all, actually.


Take care………


Further thoughts [1/4/08] – This DVD is short – damn short – and a great deal of it is taken up flashing the FBI Warning regarding copying. They shouldn’t worry. I can’t imagine anyone, anywhere would want to waste a 35¢ DVD to make a copy of this thing.

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