We Award the i/m DD Again



(It’s been a while since we awarded the i/m DD. Very honestly, the last award was a mistake. The award went to Paul Chosse and while I still maintain that his actions were over the top in the dispute which gave him the award, he appears to be a fine man and, possibly, his actions in that case were, in fact, justified.)

A friend pointed me to a discussion on the Cafe regarding Heiny 500, a version of Pat Page’s routine where he changes plain paper to real money – popularized by Greg Wilson on Hundy 500. At that point I hadn’t seen it, so I ordered it to see what the fuss was about. It seems that some purchasers felt the description of the gimmick was rather primitive and I have to agree it wasn’t very complete. That, however, is a mere sidelight. During the discussion, some doo rag with the screen name of Gabriel Knight chime in with –

When Richard Sanders lectured, the only people who asked to see the gimmick reconstructed were older people. Cause even with super Detailed instructions, any form explained they Never could get it. All the top guys have said, MUST HAVE. Never even giving a second thought to the gimmick.

Now I know this is not his real name. A little research on the Internet tells me this clown is drives a BMW that he’s always trying to fix. A car they won’t even sell you unless you are a card carrying DICK. After someone calls him to task, we get this bit of clever prose –

I have nothing against OLDer people. Ring 211 has “June Horawits” as a member, 93 years old. She is one amazing, smart gal. Still doing performances in our club.

I was the first person to give her my seat in the front row cause I was faster than the old guy with hacking caugh and the walker.

the word was OLDER not OLD

Pardon me, but what the fuck does that mean? Obviously, you won’t be running into this dip wad at a MENSA meeting. I doubt he could even qualify as a member of Kindergartners for Gore.

Let’s examine his comments. Firstly, did it ever occur to this douche bag that maybe, just maybe, the older folk might be concerned with actually getting it right since they will be performing for people that can string two sentences together. That doing it well, with precision, might be important rather than doing it just good enough.

….and what the hell does he mean by older not old? What’s the point. The fact is he insulted those of us that are older and hasn’t got the balls to either stand by his statement or apologize.

Even more obscure is his “June Horawits” statement and the guy with the walker. I would hope this pathetic phonetic spelling of June Horowitz’ name is just a lame joke, rather than an inability to take the 10 seconds to find out how to actually spell her name. Based on his attempt to spell cough though, I seriously doubt it. He then tops out by making fun of a cripple – real nice!!


So to you Mr Knight – whatever your name is – you are our latest, and dare I say most deserving ever – i/m Disposable Douche.

Take care………

5 thoughts on “We Award the i/m DD Again”

  1. “That doing it well, with precision, might be important rather than doing it just good enough.”

    Excellent point. If there’s any correlation between us older folks being thorough and our age it’s probably a result of our having the experience to know that quick study usually leads to an imperfect understanding…and bad magic. Great post.

  2. Mule – you might be right. I do know that when I was getting abused by one of the Cafe’s PPs (protected pricks) he was one of the few to come to my defense. Maybe he just disliked the jerk – I don’t know. I respect your opinion.

    Jim – thanks for looking through my tirade and getting to the real point. It’s not always easy…..


  3. For those of us that missed it the first time around… why did Chosse get the award last time?

    Couldn’t find it by searching.


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