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ImperviousOK, let’s get the official stuff out of the way. Here’s the poop from the home office:

If you could perform real magic what would it look like? Could you perform miracles completely unprepared using nothing but borrowed objects? Would you be remembered by your audiences, leaving them in a complete state of astonishment?

Impervious is U.K. magician Christopher Williams and Canada’s Jeremy Hanrahan’s take on the classic Coin thru Bottle effect that creates the impression of real magic in the spectators mind.

The DVD features Christopher William’s Ocular Perception an impromptu handling for the Coin Thru Bottle effect, and Jeremy Hanrahan’s Untouchable which is an application of a never before seen principle of the Coin Thru Bottle.

Both effects are amazingly simple and very easy to do, the impromptu handling uses no gimmicks and can be performed whenever there is a coin and bottle available. The spectator can see and hear the coin melt through the plastic and into the bottle. Hanrahan’s version can be set up in seconds without the spectator knowing and the spectator is left with a bottle that is apparently sealed.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Too bad it doesn’t look that way. Here’s the best they could do on YouTube:


and remember – these are the BEST of the lot. Makes me long for the usual space queens…..

In a recent post I suggested the following rule:

Any trick that leaves the spectator with only 1 solution (and it is usually the right solution) is a bad trick

The guys from Impervious must not agree. This is exactly what I’m talking about. I can’t imagine anybody, anywhere being fooled. Not only is the method transparent, no one seems to be able to do a simple fake take. Both of them look like they’re getting ready to shoot a pumpkin seed!

…….and productions values – my goodness! It doesn’t take long to produce a decent DVD. In the November Genii, Steve Brooks (yes the same one) was slammed for his production and direction of Reed McClintock’s Classic Palm DVD. This DVD makes Brooks look like Cecil B. DeMille. A substantial part of the DVD didn’t even have someone to hold the camera. All of this is compounded by a confusing 2 screen display that only serves to magnify the total lameness of the project.

We were fortunate enough to acquire a candid photo of the post production effort:


Maybe he just couldn’t get through it. I guess I understand.

Take care………


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