The Rules




I find certain rules absolutely immutable:

There ARE bad tricks

A good magician can make a bad trick less crappy – he can’t make it good

Without surprise there is NO magic

Most magicians are better off without the story trick or emotional hook

Any trick that leaves the spectator with only 1 solution (and it is usually the right solution) is a bad trick

A layman is something more than someone who drools on our cards and is barely potty trained

The magician in trouble theme seldom plays well


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4 thoughts on “The Rules”

  1. Thanks Jim,

    This is a long time accumulation that I firmly believe in. It’s amazing to me how few actually agree, starting with my least favorite:

    “there are no bad tricks, only bad magicians”

    Good grief!

    Thanks for commenting and for the great work on your blog. It helps to balance the tripe I write.


  2. Hardly tripe. I’ve been reading your stuff since your first posts on your first blog — you’re pithy where some of us are just long winded. I agree with your observations in this instance 100%. Again, great post.


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