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There’s some pretty good stuff going on in blogland these days. For any of us writing blogs, it’s an ego thing. Whether we’re trying to be entertaining, controversial, instructive or just screwing around, we’re making the large assumption that we have something worth reading – at least by some people.

Writing a blog takes time and thought. If you’re reading one regularly and like what you see – leave a comment. I can assure you that it is appreciated. If the blog sucks, then move on. It will wither and die if enough people feel that way.

Anyway, here’s a brief look at some of the blogs I read and what’s going on:

Unexpected Wonders – Jim Coles writes the most thoughtful posts about magic of anyone currently available. As I write this, he’s complaining about being 44. Hell! I’ve got socks older than that!

Reverie – Tom Frank’s very personal magic blog. I could never be comfortable exposing myself the way Tom does, but he’s been a regular poster for a long time and those of us that follow his blog really feel like we know him.

An interesting man. His description is very telling – Just celebrated the 21st anniversary of my 21st birthday. Crazy about a girl named Polly. Love to Swing Dance. Trick Deck Pitchman. I have 4 kids who won’t speak to me. See what I mean.

Be sure to catch some of his videos he makes available. The one on the linking rings is superb.

The Wizard’s Ball – Mike only posts sporadically. I wish we saw more of him. His recent post is about the disappearing Cafe topics which we continue to endure. He comes to a conclusion that I disagree with strongly:

Instead of crapping themselves every time a naysayer comes along perhaps the Cafe could learn something and perchance improve by allowing a bit of healthy debate.

Go on Steve you know you want to.

The last thing that group wants is open discussion.

The Phantom Notebooks – He’s just begun a review of the Rob Stiff / MagicMakers production of Wesley James 7 DVD set The Man Who Knows Erdnase. Actually it’s more like a public execution. e.g. his conclusion on DVD #1: A completely pointless and useless DVD…. and yet still the best of this 7 disc set. I’m not a good one to comment here’ as I’m no fan of Wesley James either. Don’t miss the series if you are into cards, at all.

Magicforge Blog Tracker – Although the MagicForge blog has been dormant since February, the blog tracker continues to perform a valuable service. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to the RSS feed. It makes it very easy to keep up with the status and postings of all the major magic blogs.


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