The Geller Legacy


It’s amazing, to me, that more than 30 years after Uri Geller made headlines that his name is still solely synonymous with Psychokinesis.

This YouTube video is a good example:

THE UNEXPLAINED: The bizarre case of psychokinetic Ninel Kulagina

The ongoing fascination with PK should make every magician have a believable routine in his repertoire that is, hopefully, ready to go at all times. After all, you are a magician – DO SOMETHING MAGICAL!


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more that having a PK effect in your repertoire is an excellent way of introducing a hint of real magic into the proceedings. What Geller did was implant the notion in the public mind that psychokinesis might be genuine; when we perform similar feats that notion is played upon and leaves the audience wondering. Love the new blog, by the way.


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