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The Cafe’ Crash



Here’s one way as posted by the Chief Of Staff:

From the number of posts that are being made pointing out that multitudes of information has been lost, I’m assuming that none of our members have ever worked on a project.

We are well aware of the problem and continually posting \”me too\” comments in regards to lost post counts, missing forums and user ID reverts isn’t going to help anything.

Was that really necessary? This is the attitude that pervades the Cafe and I find it reprehensible on a number of levels.

I’m sure that anyone that found this insignificant blog has already seen all the posts on the Genii Forum. Actually not a bad read – in part. Some misguided soul was jumping to the Cafe’s defence, dragging out the I freely invited you into my living room and you pissed on the floor routine that Brooks espouses so often. Don’t, for a second, buy this stale bit. Do a little research and see what these banner ads cost advertisers and it’s my understanding that there’s a waiting list. Free?!? Yeah – sure!

As I’ve said before, I consider The Magic Cafe to be the most influential force in magic. I don’t Like Bill Gates and Microsoft either, but to ignore the gorilla is just not realistic. I honestly don’t take pleasure in the crash as it hurt a lot of people. Those that spent the time to get to the magic 50 posts – all the while enduring the management bullying and then find out it’s NFBD after all. Some of the reviews are worth reading if you can put on your high waters and wade through the infantile prattle that is so pervasive.

At least losing 10 months of data lost virtually no posts in the Cafe blog area – I find that a scream. Brooks might have considered not bringing that back up and put it with the promised return of the good, the bad…..

I can only say one thing for sure – the data loss was amateur hour. There is NO possible excuse – outside of a natural disaster to justify this. It’s just sloppy and unprofessional. The good thing is there is no real harm to anyone. It’s just an insignificant hobby forum – that’s all.

I’m sure the Cafe poobahs are too damn conceited to learn anything from this and that, also, is OK.

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