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There’s an interesting discussion on the Genii Forum that deserves some attention. It started with the revelation the the Cafe’ actually deletes posts. SURPRISE!! Of course they do as any other forum does.

As usual with the Cafe’, it’s the way they do things, not what they do. I’ve often wondered why the Cafe’ can produce such strong emotions. There’s the usual array of Internet ass holes and forum maggots always willing to talk down to those of lesser standing, but that’s the Internet – unfortunately.

I believe that deep within most of us there’s a desire for fairness among ourselves and the Cafe’s let’s the bullies run wild and fairness is the very last thing on their minds. I don’t accept that the fat ass owner can do totally as he pleases – there’s a morality issue here and for one who spews the amount of piety that he does, I can only assume he’s a hypocrite of the first order.

Another thing that I found interesting about the Genii posts was the number of people the agree with me that the Chief of Staff is a DICK with a capital D. Look at this:


Is there any wonder he has plenty of time on his hands? A pitiful little man that seems to get his kicks from abusing people…. and he has the nerve to show a picture of himself as a doting grandfather.


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