What’s in your pocket?


I know the easy answer is Billy McComb’s PLUMS, but I’m talking about the items that are always available when someone finds out you’re a magician and says show me something. You must have something available. No excuse will do. Off hand, here are a few tricks – easy to carry, angle proof and foolers:

  • Wonderland Bill
  • Crazy Man’s Handcuffs
  • Linking Pins
  • Scotch & Soda
  • Bill Transposition
  • The Pothole Trick (I think it’s worth carrying a punch)

There are surely others, but the list of any time, anywhere is pretty short when you think about it.

Other ideas?

Take care……… 

Drivel & Drool

R.I..P. Magic Friday

I’ve written before that I considered Jamie Grant’s Magic Friday to be one of the few things worth reading in Blobbo’s Magic Site. Since Jamie accepted a position as a columnist for a new magazine, MF has been reduced to once a month or so and, frankly, since that announcement he’s pretty much just mailed it in.

The last installment was particularly uninspired. It seems the product was one from his new boss and, of course, it received 10/10. You will find some of his other posts on the Cafe followed by that clown that puts MBA under his signature – as if that was something to be proud of! Guess what – the CEO of Black’s Magic – an incestuous little circle for sure.

To bad – another good thing bites it.

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  1. Some other (stadnard) stuff for the list:

    – Standard bicycle deck
    – Invisible / Mental photography deck
    – A few coins
    – Spongeballs


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