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Man, I hate PR releases – especially the financial type, where the MBA’s and CPA’s are at their gut wrenching best. This one would knock a buzzard off a shit wagon:

Press Release Source: Barclay Road, Inc.

New Book Causing Wizards to Cast Their Spells
Monday February 12, 9:00 am ET
Free Speech Versus Magic Secrecy

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Barclay Road, Inc. (Pink Sheets: BCYR – News) has a new book, soon to be published by book division, Lifetime Books

“Magic secrets of David Blaine: The street magician revealed” written by Herbert L. Becker follows on the very successful 1995 Lifetime Books publication, “All the Secrets of Magic Revealed.”

Publication of the David Blaine secrets book has been pushed off until 2008 for a couple of reasons: first, demand for pre-release was greater than first anticipated and secondly, concern for revealing how street magicians perform their feats might cause pandemonium in the market place….. etc. etc. etc.

Oh, I get it – you’re delaying the release because it is so popular?! Also, you’re concerned about general welfare. C’mon – you guys would peddle your mother like a cheap street whore for the right price.

An easy winner of the i/m Golden Pooh award.


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