I’m Proposing A New Federal Agency – The FMA


As an old line conservative, I’m generally against government intervention into anything.

Your government (I no longer claim it) has rules that tell corporate America how much rodent dung and insect parts they can leave in our food. And…. as I’m sure anyone reading this knows, rules governing every conceivable aspect of our lives. Well, what the heck, if they’re going to try and protect us, we need a Federal Magic Administration to prevent atrocities like this from reaching the public:


To those that haven’t seen this, I can assure you that watching it is no less painful than finding out all of those brown things floating in your beef barley soup aren’t beef!

Kevin Parker has released 4 one trick DVDs which sell for $25 – $30, I believe. I’ve only seen this one and I can assure you, that’s a statement that won’t change. The trick is something you throw into a set a lecture notes as something to play with. It has a viewing angle of about 15 degrees and is impractical for repeating.

The production values for the DVD are ZERO. Apparently shot with a single home camera in the local park. I can forgive all of that if the content had any worth at all, but it doesn’t. I felt like it ran for 3 or 4 hours, but it was probably more like 10 minutes. (I’m not going back to time it – life’s too short.)

You do get the obligatory street demonstrations before the local space queens and street bums. Even the women aren’t worth a second look – just like this DVD.

Save your shekels here folks.


Take care……… 


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