I Didn’t Know Tommy Wonder


Maybe, someday, some famous magician will die that is not a close personal friend of every blogger and poster on the Internet, but I doubt it.

I never saw Tommy Winder perform live and he, sure as hell, never heard of me, but I felt some small connection with him through his L&L DVDs. I’ve often said that you don’t know the value of a book or DVD until you’ve had it for a while. Those that you revisit over and over are the true values. Visions of Wonder are in that class for me.

There is very little that I actually use from the demonstrations. His Two Cup Routine is second only to David Williamson’s, in my estimation, and there’s a sequence there that I’ll probably incorporate. Likewise, his Ambitious Card is different, effective and, actually, magical. A somewhat novel idea for most card tricks.

You don’t have to read this blog long to know how much I abhor silly premises, juvenile stories and stupid presentations under the guise of entertainment. Tommy used none of that, but was he ever entertaining! Tommy, in some respects, reminded me of Del Ray, in that there seemed to be no limit to the lengths he would go to totally knock the socks off the most sophisticated of audiences.

I’ll bet you never heard Tommy say – that just flies past a laymen. Implying that the layman was some simpleton, barely capable of wiping the drool from his chin on a good day. He was out to fool you and fool you badly. That he accomplished and it is his magical legacy and a wonderful legacy it is.

Adios, Tommy Wonder……..

Take care………

Drivel & Drool

Independence Day

It’s time for my annual rant that we should just go straight from July3rd to July 5th, as our independence has dwindled to the point of nonexistence. Actually, no one seems to care anyway, so I’ll just say Have a Happy Fourth!

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