Thanks to Commentors


….and an apology.

Either Blogger’s notification system or my SPAM filter wasn’t working properly and I missed approving a series of great comments. I would suggest you look back over the past few weeks and check them out. A blog will never be totally interactive, but input from readers is valuable beyond estimation.

I’m REALLY careful about false positives and I manage all SPAM locally and don’t depend on ISP level controls and I can’t believe I would have missed this many. Anyway, I removed moderation and your comments will immediately post. I monitor the site closely and can remove unwanted SPAM crap very quickly.

The only reason I originally did this was I got really pissed off at some pompous ass and put the restrictions on. A bad decision on my part.

Take care……… 

Drivel & Drool

Should We ReBlog the ReBlog?!?!

A little more housekeeping – Speaking of being pissed off, I’m not real happy with this reblog poaching, Fortunately, this little diary was not found worthy, so i/m is not affected at this time. I have looked into establishing my own reblog and it looks like I can save myself a lot of work by just reblogging the reblog(s).

All of the defenders seem to rely on the fact that RSS allows this, so it must be OK and puts the onus on the bloggers to prevent the complete capture of the articles. Pardon me fellers, but kiss my ass! Don’t give me a lesson on RSS, I’ve been working with it longer than any of you apologists could imagine. Spare me the details.

Anyway, for a few weeks I’ve limited the feed here, but that makes if very difficult for those using readers (and I would hope most do). I’ve reverted to a full feed and will deal with any issues if, and when, they arise.

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