A DVD I Didn’t Plan To Like


I saw this DVD advertised recently and bought it on a whim:

The DVD doesn’t cover a lot of flourishes:

  • Ribbon Spread
  • Ribbon Spread Turnover
  • Double Ribbon Spread Turnover
  • Ribbon Scoop
  • Dribbling
  • Thumb Fan
  • Closing Fan
  • One Handed
  • Giant Fan
  • Pressure Fan
  • Split Fan
  • Two Handed Split Fan
  • S-Fan
  • Corner Spring
  • Middle Spring
  • Sideways Spring
  • Anti Gravity Spring
  • Waterfall!

but it does a better job than anything else on the market. Moves like the hand to hand spring, dribble and pressure fan can actually be learned from this DVD. Interestingly, this isn’t aimed at magicians, but poker players. It sells for 30 bucks or so and your local dealer should have it.

Don’t miss out here.

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Drivel & Drool

Fuck me – I’m a magician

I’ll never understand why magicians are so prone to apologize for the lame, even criminally bad, treatment they get from various purveyors of magic apparatus, books and all other forms of selling secrets. Going back to my favorite Holy Man, Stephen F. Youell, to Cafe insider Tom Cutts and his AM/PM magazine, to Jon Racherbaumer and his unrefunded Hierophant, to the ongoing furor around the recent Martin Nash book, to……. You name it and magicians have had one shyster after another ram a dry one up their ass, yet they continue to apologize and even defend this shoddy treatment.

This isn’t a matter of turning the other cheek. That’s a noble thing to do. It’s just an unfathomable willingness to to accept liars and cheats into the fraternity and make no mistake – that is what most of them are.

Anyway, what brought this to mind was a recent post on the Cafe. You don’t have to read this blog for long to realize that I think Harry Lorayne is a world class ass – an egotistical, industrial grade tool writing way beyond the time when he had something to say. Anyway, his last last book was a rewrite of some of his earlier works. Actually, not a bad idea as the writing was somewhat lame and they could use an update. According to his advertising, the book was only available from him. OK, it’s his book and he can sell it anyway he wants. This means it will not be available from discounters and if you want it – pay the full price.

After Harry milked it for all he could, he gave it to a distributor and now you can get it EVERYWHERE and for considerably less than Harry was charging. Some guy wrote on the Cafe that he was disappointed that Lorayne had backed off his original release and wondered if anyone else felt the same way. No one, not a single person, took the time to agree. Two doo rags did write to say they enjoyed the screwing. It’s incredible.

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6 thoughts on “A DVD I Didn’t Plan To Like”

  1. I have always been shocked by the total lack of standards exhibited by professionals in magic when it comes to undertakings such as trade magazines and newsletters. Stan Allen at Magic, I think, raised the bar by producing a timely, quality product, a standard unheard of in the magic world before the inauguration of his magazine. The “Always late but always great” Genii, for example, was a travesty until Richard Kaufman took the reins and placed it an a more professional footing. Most newsletters have taken subscribers’ money and never fully delivered. I believe that once a person takes money for a performance there is a contract to deliver. All the subscribers get is whiny excuses like the dog at this issue. Where are the final issues of Ted Lesley’s, Dan Harlan’s, Bob LaRue’s newsletters? Again, although very late, Richard Kaufman at least managed to produce all four issues of Looking Glass. The standards (and I use that term loosely) experienced in magic circles are appalling. I am sure the producers of these perennially late and incomplete publications would be first to decry a professional performer who hid not show up to a performance on time; but their own parctices in failing to deliver promised issues is the equivalent on not only failing to show up on time, but also failing to show up at all AND taking payment for the performance never delivered.

    Spare me from the sob-sister apologists who tell us that we should be grateful the we get even the aborted subscriptions. I am not so ravenous for “secrets” that I would find this behavior acceptable. I say that if someone undertakes to do something and takes payment for it, he better follow through. If ha can’t, he had no domn business
    taking a subscriber’s money in the first place.

    Now, THAT’S a real ethical gap.

  2. You might note that Youell eventually delivered all promised articles(6 months worth), albeit a few months late.

    And all those who subscribed past that amount (6 months worth of articles) were appropriately refunded.

  3. Thanks for commenting.

    My problems with Youell revolves around the “how”, more than the “what”. Frankly I think he’s a cruel liar and hypocrite.

    I’ve seen the email to an old man, like me, where he chides him with “have a good life – or what’s left of it”. There are other examples.

    When he says he notified all subscribers when things were late – that’s an out and out lie.

    ….and changing his email to a Bible citation is the ultimate hypocrisy – at least to me.

    I don’t intend to let people for get who (and what)he is……

    Take care…..

  4. –I don’t intend to let people for get who (and what)he is……

    Ah, I see. You’ll prove what a vindictive bastard is by being one yourself. All the while continuing to spread “facts” which are anything but.


  5. There’s nothing vindictive about keeping the truth alive. I suppose in your eyes all the people who celebrate Remembrance Day are also ‘vindictive bastards’, mister anonymous…



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