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The Magic Circle Jerk’s inspired contest which is rewarding a prize for the most boring post is wonderful. I’m sure all of us have tried to determine which ones they are. It’s also funny to see the Cafe powers scramble – No new registrations and I’ve seen a number of legitimate posts trashed. Trying to find the MOST purposefully boring post is a seriously manly challenge.

Anyway, this made me think of those posts by Cafe regulars that were of no interest prima fascia. There are thousands. These come quickly to mind:

  • How I developed my Buns of Steel – S Brooks
  • Brevity is the soul of wit (4 pages) – B Palmer
  • I’m not one to say much, but…… – J Townsend
  • Do you think the left side or the right side of Steve Brooks’ ass is sexier? – M Chris
  • Humility, probably my BEST asset – P Chosse
  • My humility is better than Chosse’s – T Wayne
  • Live and let live – D Scribner
  • Steve Brooks are a gnius – xxxxx (grammar host)
  • Joe Porper and I* – P Biro

* Sorry, I lost interest in this before I could finish the title.

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