I’ve been thinking a little more about the convention I just attended and it occurs to me that there was not a single WOW moment in three days. I saw some nice variations and some clever adaptations, but nothing that made me really sit up and take notice.

Is it me, or is everything becoming a tired rehash? I think I saw 5 Silk Fountains – a nice interlude, but FIVE?!

Who’s doing the thinking in magic now? Anyone?

Drivel & Drool

Mine’s Bigger Than Yours………

I’m not going to recount the whole Whit Haydn / Whackster thing, except to say I’m really sorry to see this kind of thing happen. Aren’t bloggers just insignificant piss ants, unworthy of anyone’s attention? Yet Whit, or whoever is posing as him, makes the following statement:

I am a performer, manufacturer and retailer of magic whose reputation for honesty and fairness is being impugned by this blog. It does incredible long term monetary damage to me.

Aw, c’mon. Is this type of legal hyperbole really necessary? Incredible monetary damage? No way. I seriously doubt that what Judge Whackster has to say about Whit would ever cost him a dime. Personally, I would never buy his stuff unless there was NO alternative, as I find him a pompous, overbearing bore ass. Judge Whackster’s comments, good or bad, would make no difference to me. I would assume I’m not alone here.

I would think much more of him if he just threatened to use those Roy Rogers boots and kick his ass. Instead we’re going to play My Lawyer Is Bigger Than Your Lawyer….. Too bad!

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