I doubt that I’m the only one that gets distracted when cleaning up the magic pile. Today I was organising my DVDs and decided to take a break at look at one of the Johnny Thompson videos – #2. For some reason, I wasn’t thrilled when I first watched this series, even though I’m a …

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Advice from Steve Cohen

In a recent post I was urging everyone to grab Steve Cohen’s Win the Crowd, while it is cheap and readily available.  To whet your appetite for the kind of advice he offers, here are his Maxims of Magic: Be Bold Expect Success Don’t State—Suggest Practice, Practice, Practice Be Prepared There’s nothing ground breaking or revolutionary …

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How else?!

  Many, many moons ago The Great Ballantine appeared to be breaking out of his magic buffoon act and performed a beautiful floating ball effect – complete with music, hoop and graceful movements. He received genuine and appreciative applause from the audience. Towards the end of the routine, he reached in his pocket – pulled …

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I feel better

As I’ve said before, most of the magic blogs are pure crap – this one included. The only serious journalism has always come from John LeBlanc at Escamoteurettes. John’s articles are always well researched and intelligently written, unlike this spittle most of us spew with little thought. Anyway, John’s blog had not been updated for …

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