In Days Of Yore – Part 1


It’s early, I’m the only one up and, for some reason, I was looking back on some of the old posts here. Actually, I’m pretty proud of what I did over the years. Sure, there are days when, obviously, I had nothing to say but still made a post. Sometimes they hit, but mostly they were a waste of everyone’s time (mine and the readers).

In the Golden Age Of Magic Blogs there was some good work. Readers of The Jerx may be surprised to know he was originally The Magic Circle Jerk. He did his best work then. One day, he just quit, obviously to be reincarnated years later as The Jerx. Hopefully, over time we can exhume some of these early, pioneering blogs. Both the good and the bad.

A personal favorite was The Weekly Magic Failure. While it strayed from the original premise, nobody worked harder than the author, Roland Henning, to bring cmpelling content. In March of 2016 he wrote the obituary for the blog. There was a small spattering of aditional posts in the subsequent months, but inconsequential. I believe Roland found keeping the intensity that he had can totally wear you down. Fortunately, it was on the Blogger platform and it is there to see. Worth a look.

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