The Smartest Man In The Room


I listen to a lot of magic podcasts. I walk my dog twice a day and generally listen to one if it is available. One of the most consistently good broadcasts has been The Insider from Vanishing Inc. Unfortunately, they’ve been on quite a losing streak from my perspective and bottomed out this week. At least, I hope it’s the bottom. Generally, I find listening to the podcasts more interesting then picking up dog poop. This week that was not the case.

I find Jamy Ian Swiss to be a total Dick! This is nothing new. He is he always has been. I find him to be an intellectual bully, something common with pseudo intellectuals that seem to take great pleasure in running down those that they consider to have inferior minds. Screw him!

I’m sure Mr. Swiss is tired of bearing the burden of always being the smartest man in the room. Let me take this opportunity to assure him that no matter how small the room or how few people are in it, he has no reason to worry.

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