Bore me once – shame on you


Many years ago, there was a Dean Martin (or Friar’s Club)  roast of Johnny Carson. The details escape me, but I vividly recall one of Carson’s come backs at the end of the roast.

One of the Presenters was the great Don Rickles and he had killed Carson – he was at his best. Carson’s comeback was simple:

I’ve always enjoyed Don’s joke.

I feel that way every time I listen to Eugene Burger or watch one of his DVDs. I know it’s not MC (magically correct) to question Mr. Burger, as he has become an icon and the godfather of magic presentation, but I find most of the stuff he does mind numbingly dull.

Light some incense – light a candle – tell some relevant story….. Yawn!

I’ve read his book, seen his DVD and lecture. That’s enough for one lifetime.

Take care……… 


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