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Mr. Erland referred to yours truly as venerable in his latest post

I wasn’t sure if I had been insulted, so I checked the dictionary:

Pronunciation: \?ve-n?r(-?)-b?l, ?ven-r?-b?l\

Function: adjective

Date: 15th century
1: deserving to be venerated —used as a title for an Anglican archdeacon or for a Roman Catholic who has been accorded the lowest of three degrees of recognition for sanctity2: made sacred especially by religious or historical association3 a: calling forth respect through age, character, and attainments <a venerable jazz musician>; broadly : conveying an impression of aged goodness and benevolence <encouraged by the venerable doctor’s head-nodding> b: impressive by reason of age <under venerable pines>
synonyms see old

ven·er·a·bil·i·ty  \?ve-n?-r?-?bi-l?-te-, ?ven-r?-\ noun
ven·er·a·ble·ness  \?ve-n?r(-?)-b?l-n?s, ?ven-r?-\ noun
ven·er·a·bly  \-ble-\ adverb
Even though the old theme runs through the definition, I can live with that.
He classifies our little corner of magic blogland with The Phantom Notebooks. I consider this an honor. Anyone that writes with the sheer passion he exhibits has my admiration. Don’t miss the current series of The Man Who Raped Erdnase. Agree with him or not (personally I do) it’s not to be ignored if you have any real interest in the pasteboards.


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