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Those of us that have been around a while and have been following the Richard James / Linked saga have seen it all before. Non-delivery followed by a string of excuses and stories that never seem to fit together. We’ll be charitable and say the perpetrators are generally less than forthright. It’s so easy to tell the truth and take your medicine. I’ll just never understand the inability to do so.

Anyway, there are always some doo rag carrying the forgive and forget banner – only human – life happens – etc. etc. in defence of the wrongdoer. Please understand, I’m all for forgiveness, but I’m also of the school that says there should be a price to pay for our decisions.

Here’s a quote from a recent Cafe post:

…..you already apologized,that is kool; just deliver and eveybody we’ll be happy and probably forget what is happening as I write this post.

I hope he’s wrong. Dead wrong.

Take care………


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  1. I think he might be in a minority in being forgiving. What amazes me is that Richard James won’t own up to the fact that he lied when he said he’d sent the shipment out before — even though Magic Box said he had been lying and he would apologize on the forums. So he doesn’t even have enough integrity to own up when he’s been caught red handed. Just keeps whining about how he had to make all those gimmicks by hand. Please.


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