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Over the years we all hear of moves which are performed so well by certain magicians that their name becomes synonymous with the sleight or routine:

  • Albert Goshman – Spellbound
  • Don Alan – Chop Cup
  • Ken Krenzel – Classic Pass
  • Chris Capehart – 3 Ring Routine
  • Slydini – Lapping
  • Steve Brooks – His Jabba the Hut imitation

You get the idea. Paul Cummins is a name that always comes up when the Side Steal is mentioned. His work with it is legendary.

Paul does Marlo’s Deliberate Side Steal better than anyone. It’s been honed by years of performance and practice. It’s practical and attainable. Last week Paul began shipping his new DVD – The Side Steal Declassified. I can think of no better way to learn this sleight than buying this DVD. I really felt like Paul gave us everything he has on the methodology. He performs about 6 tricks and explains the move and it’s variations very succinctly. Production values were better than most.

I don’t know if Paul will be distributing the DVD through normal channels or just his website at http://www.fasdiu.com.

I’m generally not a member of the camp that says if you get one good trick or idea from a book or DVD you got more than your moneys worth. Not me – I feel screwed. Be warned, there is not a lot of information on this platter, but if you want the real work on one of the most important moves in card magic look no further.

Take care………

Drivel & Drool

Things that really bug me:

Companies that spend a jillion dollars on a web site, yet the programmers aren’t smart enough to strip spaces, periods, dashes etc. from phone and credit card numbers

George F. Bush – 1 & 2

Police departments that have so much time on their hands they do “safety” checks. Can I hear a big Bull Shit!

The Patriot Act – like its going to catch anything.

Names for employees, like “associates” and “partners” OR my new favorite From Sam’s Club – “coach”. What really bugs me most is the places that use these feel-good terms like Wal-Mart would sell their employees body parts to slave traders if it would add .01 to the quarterly income.

“Disrespected” athletes making 8 figure salaries.

Big Oil – I guess everyone saw that Exxon just made more money last quarter than ANY US company in history! I recently wrote about their blatant thievery and some douche bag commented that it was a supply issue – China- India and other palaver spewed out by the American Petroleum Institute. I said then – just wait for the quarterly report. If anyone thinks we got rid of all the fucking bandits and crooks when Enron and Worldcomm crashed you’re fooling yourself. American business is corruption on corruption. We can no longer entrust our well being to “free enterprise”. It doesn’t exist.

Wall Street – speaking of crooks. The Exxon quarter “disappointed” the MBAs, CPAs and CFUs and the stock went down. What a joke our financial system has become.

Alan Greenspan – he’s screwed up more times than George F. Bush II and no one seems to know.

Escalades – the ultimate prickmobile.

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