7 Boobs and a Magic Trick

Big Blind Media is certainly taking advantage of the overhead camera to explain this trick on their latest release Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 2.

Overhead Boobs

Now don’t you understand the workings better!

L&L Phase 2.

By the way, this isn’t a bad collection at all. Some of the big names in card magic have contributed decent tricks. I just personally find tricks of this genre tedious and more mathematical than mystical.

Stuff I’ll keep

As I get older I tend to spend less on new, current magic. Maybe I’m getting more discriminating are maybe I’m just cheaper. I think people my age tend to denigrate all new stuff and that’s not fair. Actually, there’s some very find material being released which is, unfortunately, drowning in a sea of rancid manure. These are some items that I have either seen are acquired over the past year or so and I think are worth your money:


Confidences by Roberto Giobbi – 

I like the scholarly work of Roberto Giobbi. He is an author that takes his work very seriously. I hope that anyone reading this that has the slightest interest in card magic has the entire Card College series on his shelf. It certainly is on mine. His Daily Agenda is one of my all-time favorite books. I can’t say that there are 366 gems in it, but I guarantee you that over half of the entries are well worth your consideration. A ratio we seldom see anymore.

This is his most recent effort. The book is physically small, approximately 5″ x 7″. There are approximately 265 pages. There are only 11 items, that they are covered in depth. I have particular fondness for his chapter on Tally-Ho and his Thoughts on Controls. The latter running over 75 pages.

To me, this book is more valuable than any DVD I have seen recently. Do yourself a favor and grab this small volume. It’s some of his best work.


Tiny Plunger–

I didn’t plan on liking this. This screams of the kind of cutesy pie crap that gives i/m gas. One reason this works is because the prop, in itself, is very interesting and unusual. As I understand it these were originally devised as sort of an easel for a cell phone. You can find them everywhere – eBay, your local magic shop, your local cell phone shop and of course China. Jon Armstrong’s routine is clever and amusing. It will play well far a reasonably intelligent adult grouping. This is not a trick for the kiddies. One reason I like Armstrong’s routine is he doesn’t play it as a great mystery but still makes it a fuller without insulting the intelligence of his audience. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Unfortunately, this trick requires a table. Something that is seldom available in many venues that we work. I didn’t care for Blich’s Material on the DVD, but that is a personal preference. I didn’t care for his presentation are some of the material that he used. That’s just me, you may find it terrific.

Do yourself a favor and grab this. I think it’s going to be a near classic.

Any luck Roland?

I wonder if Roland ever had any luck with this post:

Is there anyway to get in touch with you? Or is there anybody out there willing to get in touch with me? I’m planning a serious interview with one of you guys. It will be about the “deleting of threads” on the Magic Cafe. It will be a chance to have your side of the story be heard.

Anybody up to the task?


“It just flies past the layman”

No it doesn’t and you probably are fooling as many people as this poor soul:


Give you audience some credit. They do more than sit around and drool all day!

Take care………


A Magic Conundrum

In the i/m world there are certain truths that we can depend on more than 99% of the time. For instance:

You can bet that the drivers of certain types of cars, i.e. Escalades, BMWs and Jaguars are Road Dicks.

Likewise the drivers of Jeeps and Hummers are Super Road Dicks.

There are enough minor exceptions to keep these from becoming laws. For example, I happen to know a single BMW driver and a Jeep driver that are not in their respective categories. Escalade’s, BMWs and Hummers have a purity Adolf Hitler would admire. If you drive one, believe me, you’re a Richard.

I was thinking about this when I went on the Cafe and the other day. It seemed like every time I said to myself that guy is a moron, he would have thousands of posts. In the brief time I was there I began to look for frequent users of the Cafe to find one that wasn’t an idiot. I struck out. And I missing something? Are all Cafe heavy posters dumb as a box of rocks? Is this a law or is this a truth?

No No Way

I don’t know this trick, or the guy who produced it, but would anyone ever buy this based on the trailer? I have NO IDEA what it looks like. None!