Something Seriously Cool

At my age I seem to suffer from ID (Interest Dysfunction). I seldom see something on the Internet that really makes me sit up and take notice. This is especially true for web services. Maybe I’ve seen so much that I’m very discreet or I just may be too damn old!


Today I ran across a very cool mail site called Wordle. I don’t really know what to call it, except Word Art On Roids. The picture here is what it arbitrarily built when I put in the URL of the i/m blog. I’m not sure of the magic application, but I’ll bet it can be put to good use. I hope you enjoy it.


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PS I forgot to mention that I had trouble using it with Firefox. It worked fine with IE – now there’s a switch.

Why is Bill Gates RICH!!!!

Knockout-smDamn if I know. I’ve been in the process of converting a machine to Vista. What a nightmare.

I spent most of the weekend and today just trying to get it to behave as well as XP. I see No – ABSOLUTELY NO – reason to buy this thing. There are a couple of cool visual effects and it’s a little more intelligent in some processes, but that, in no way, makes up for the incredibly lame security implementations.

By the way, just in case you think the ol’ i/m is crashing a little ahead of schedule, I’m doing this as a learning experience. I have customers that use it and I need to have a working knowledge.

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Live like you’re going to die tomorrow. Learn like you’re going to live forever.


Computing For Magicians – Evernote


I make my living – if you could call it that – from computers. I know and like good software. I love software that is good and free!

One of my most indispensable programs is Evernote. If you use the Internet, at all – you need this program. You can save anything you see – take notes – create todo lists – capture images – all with just a couple of clicks.

In looking over the things I’ve saved over the years in Evernote, I most enjoy the pre-censored Cafe threads. Once in a while – frequently actually – you see a thread that you know is going to get either trashed or revised to the point it no longer retains ANY flavour of the original.

Trust me on this and try it.

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