I/M’s Got Goat Pellets

lemmling-Cartoon-goat-300pxSometimes the well gets damn dry. I feel bad not posting more often and I refuse to use the old life happens. Of course it happens, but you knew that when you started a blog, so it’s a lousy excuse.

I’ve been writing this blog off and on for many years. I haven’t checked, but it’s genesis is probably as old as any that are still around. It used to be easier. There were more things to get worked up about and frankly, people just cared more. Today the Magic Café doesn’t even get enough idiot traffic to be worthwhile. Sure, those that are there are not missing any MENSA meetings, but they are mostly harmless and dull.

A lot of the new stuff comes in the form of video downloads and most of them are cheap and uninspired. What’s happened to all of those life-changing tricks that we waited months for, paid for on a prepublication basis and then were delivered crap – if we got anything at all. That’s gone. Even the long promised Martin Gardner book was finally delivered.

I should explain the title here. The title was originally I/M’s Got Bupkis. Once I wrote that I realized I really didn’t know, exactly, what the word bupkis actually meant. I did a little research and came up with the following:

Often translated as meaning small round fecal pellets, referring to the shape of goat droppings. A colorful usage, though a more emphatic expression (in Yiddish more so than in English) is “bupkis mit kaduchas” (??????? ??? ????) (bobkes mit kadokhes), translating roughly to “shivering shit balls”.

So it’s literally, I/M’s Got Goat Shit.

I guess that’s fair.

Take care……


Those Dumb Asses at Bing

dumb_assFor those that may not be aware, Bing is Microsoft’s pitiful excuse for a search engine. Bing also supplies the search data for Yahoo. Put these two together and you have a crap pie for sure. Fortunately, very few people that I know use either Bing or Yahoo. For about three weeks this site and several others have shown a “malware warning” in both the Bing and Yahoo search results. In all fairness to Bing, there was a rogue JavaScript that we removed and not only have we checked it daily, but out host has done likewise. It is gone, but they continue to have the warning! Here’s the clean bill of health:


I have tried to get them to remove the warning, but the only method is an online form which I am supposed to fill out and if they have not done anything in 30 days I can fill it out again. (Incidentally, Google’s time frame is 2 gays or less – is there any wonder they are kicking their ass?) They won’t even tell you what they see. Their forums are never monitored and are full of spam and other crap. I apologize for the warning, but it’s liable to be there for a long time as this group is that incompetent as any I have ever dealt with and that is a huge statement.




This has nothing to do with what I just wrote above, but in looking for an appropriate graphic I ran across this. I knew he was a dumb ass, but he’s a serious, industrial grade dumb ass.


All old i/m posts available


I’m posting more of this stuff than I intended, but something worked today that hadn’t before and I’m quite pleased.

It seems this new version of WordPress actually fixed the Blogger import feature. So, according to your perspective, we’re either lucky or cursed to have all of the i/m posts available here.

I’ve done very little editing and some of the posts make little sense after several years.

There are instances, where I’ve been dead wrong about certain people – good and bad, but everything is here, as it does represent a chronicle of thought during the period of our existence.

I’ll gradually do a little purging and cleaning, but for now it’s available in its rawest form. 

Take care……… 



Housekeeping – 10/2007


The change to WordPress has gone well. There’s a lot to learn, though.

We’re committed to making this blog the most technically advanced one in magic. That we can control and will accomplish. You, on the other hand, will have to determine whether it is a place you want to visit frequently – hopefully daily.

We’re adding features like the ability to subscribe by email, email posts to a friend and easily print well formatted output.

Additionally content is coming.

Some things we’ve tried have already been pulled.

If you see a feature you like – or don’t like – let us know. We can only succeed if you like what we do.


Take care……… 



Any ugly warts?


We just upgraded to WordPress 2.3.

Everything seems to be running fine, but I always worry about latent problems. Please let me know if you see anything that doesn’t seem right.

The email is intenselymagic@gmail.com

Take care………