The Dick that broke the Genii’s back?

It’s now old news, but on 1/13/2008 at 12:20 PM Richard Kaufman announced that the Genii Forum would no longer be public, but available to subscribers only. He’s given nothing but vague reasons from what I’ve read – it’s his forum and he’s free to do with it as he pleases. Non-subscribers will be able to view but not post. 

I’ve been very impressed with his very noble attempts to treat those that buy Genii at a magic shop fairly. I don’t know him, but I suspicion he has a very high level of integrity. I just wish he weren’t so publicly crabby. I can’t believe that’s good for business.

OK – call this pure speculation, because that is what it is, but on the same day Kaufman made the announcement, he published this Apology to Thomas Wayne earlier in ther day:

In a now-deleted thread I made several remarks concerning Thomas Wayne. One of these was that he threatened a moderator on this Forum via e-mail. Unfortunately the hard drive on the computer on which this e-mail was stored has crashed, so we no longer have the e-mails to prove it. Subsequently I deleted that portion of my message.

However, I also stated that Thomas Wayne is “mentally ill.” Since I am not a trained health care professional, I cannot use that phrase since it insinuates a trained opinion.

Thomas Wayne’s ill-mannered behavior resulted in his expulsion from the Genii Forum, so you may draw your own conclusions from that.


Take care………