Fighting boredom

BoredomNo matter what I do, sometimes I get a major dose of the blahs and, honestly, there’s just no good reason for that to happen. There’s plenty of exciting things happening. Things to do – things to write about and things to observe.

Nonetheless here I sit waiting for a rush of passion to hit me so I can write with the edge I try so hard to maintain. Somebody needs to invent Viagra for writers.

I just read a thread on the Cafe, which had several posts by James Clark, MBA and, normally that would light a fire under me, but not today.

Understand, I loathe MBAs and what they stand for. I think they are FAR more dangerous than an army of Osama Bin Ladens and are the cause of many, if not most, of our ills in this country.


Normally, these guys give me gas. I’m not talking about simple stomach acid that you cure with a couple of Rolaids. I’m talking about roll down the window – run for cover – hide the children – wallpaper peeling flatulation.

Today? Nothing! I’m just not into it. When overbearing, pompous, self-important losers like that can’t get me going, I’m better off not even trying.

Tomorrow’s another day – I’ll be back!

Take care………


When all you’ve got is a hammer – the whole world looks like a nail.