2nd Again

At the risk of sounding like a me too, I want to talk a little about comedy magicians. This idea has been bouncing in my head for a couple of weeks – since I returned from seeing Mac King’s great show.

Dan Mindo at Magic Uncensored is ranting in his latest post about the lame crap we pass off as comedy magic OR, my favorite, entertainment. I couldn’t agree more with his sentiments.

In a recent post, I questioned whether we are doing anyone any good by encouraging the terrible magic and jokes we see at our local clubs. There’s no good way to make it sound like anything but that really blows. It’s tough to do.

There’s no end in sight, unfortunately. I see they’re reissuing the 20th Century Bra. I can hardly wait.

Turning people off to magic one spectator at a time.

To my point. I had the pleasure of watching Mac King with my 2 adult sons. For a change I was proud to be called a magician. You can be funny, entertaining and fool people. No blue material, no cheap lines, just a smooth, professional performance. And…. he was genuinely funny. It’s probably one reason his contract was just extended for 5 years.

I sometimes wonder if these entertainers are stone deaf. Can’t they hear the strained laughter and embarrassed mumbling? Can’t they understand that this is pity applause?

Interestingly, magic, when done well, has an element of humour and whimsy. You don’t have to be Chuckles the clown. Learn to perform quality effects – well routined and develop a quality and truly entertaining script. It can be fun. Let’s move on from Robert Orben – it wasn’t that good when it was fresh and like old fish it really stinks now. 

Take care………