Integrity! What’s that?

I try to limit commenting on other blogs, because it’s trite and dumb in most cases.

There are instances, however, where I feel the subject matter is so important, that a failure to bring them to your attention would be unfair.

Steve Pellegrino at MagiCentric writes one of the most popular magic blogs and reading it is a must for many of us. Frankly, I disagree with him more often than not, but that’s OK – it’s not his job to please me. He, obviously, spends a lot of time on his posts and. believe me, writing a thoughtful, literate post is not something you don’t just rip off while sitting on the can.

Right now, go and read his post on reblogging. I share his rage. This piss ant blog isn’t worthy of reblogging and that’s fine, but it appears that MagiCentric has supplied most of the content for this new site.

I’m sure Mr. Pellegrino know how to thwart this clown or severely handicap the process, but this is at the expense of all of us that use aggregating readers for our daily blog fix.

As we continue to see our way of life slip into the toilet, it has become very obvious that so much of what we treasured in the past depended on integrity or just doing the right thing. Somehow, somewhere over the past 10 or 15 years all actions have become justifiable if legal or profitable. Old dinosaurs, like me, are laughed at if we bring morality into the equation. I look around me every day and see men, primarily, trying to keep above water that were trashed by corporate America and those the espouse the anything that makes a buck religion. For now, they have won – no doubt about it.

As we approach Memorial Day, I seriously wondered what all these brave soldiers died for.

It’s not a good time.

Take care………