i/m is getting soft

A thought on mentalism:

It seems like we are seeing more and more mentalism effects. I think there are two reasons for this:

  • 1. The effects appear to be easier to do than straight magic.
  • 2. It’s easier to sell to today’s audiences.

Each of these could be the basis for a long article and we may well explore them another time, but today I want to talk about prediction tricks. You know, some pretender pulls out an envelope and says I have a prediction here and the rest of the routine is take up proving the prediction is correct. I don’t know about you, but both of my cheeks have fallen asleep by the time it’s over. Avoid the simple prediction. A layman is not some simpleton, incapable of rational thought. They know where you are going and the mystery is nonexistent.

I realize that most mental effects could be considered a prediction, but delay that fact as long as possible and you’ll get a much better response from your audience. I guarantee it!


Take care……… 

Drivel & Drool

Things and people I actually like

I know this area is reserved for my personal bitch sessions, but there are a number of things in magic I do like – some of them a lot. It’s just that it’s easier to get passionate about ignorant fuckers like George F. Bush or congenital douche bags like Mario and Paul than it is to appreciate the good things we all have around us. For better or worse, here are the some good things that come to mind:

Tim Ellis and his blog, Magic Unlimited with Ellis & Webster –  I admire his energy and his honesty. His “fakers” page is must reading. I ALSO highly recommend his DVDs – even if you don’t learn anything (and you will), they are incredibly entertaining.

Glenn Bishop – Yeah, I know Glenn can be frustrating, at times, with his vanishing and re-appearing blogs, and he’s more than a little mercurial, but it his passion for what he does that I so greatly admire. I wish he would learn to ignore his critics and concentrate on his friends and fans, but I genuinely understand that is WAY easier to say than to do. Just don’t go away and stay away Glenn – magic needs guys like you.

Dick Osterlind – There are many magic books and DVDs, where I feel like I didn’t get the whole tamale. Kind of like a cook leaving out an essential ingredient in a recipe. It’s OK, but something is missing. I’ve always felt that Dick really tips in is books and on his DVDs. Like anyone that has produced as much as he has in recent years, some stuff is better than others, but it’s always will thought out and meticulously explained. You never feel screwed when you buy his stuff – and that, my friend, is a huge statement.

Jake at RNT2 – Although I consider Jake a friend, I just realized I have no idea what his last name is. If you frequent the magic boards, you know that the whole “collector class” prop business is a giant pissing contest. I long ago, quit trying to determine who’s right and who’s wrong, but I do know, I’ve always been treated well by RNT2. Jake recently had a heart attack, but he’s back at work now and I wish him the best.

Many Magic Clubs – It’s actually pretty darn easy to criticise the local clubs – inept performances, internal politics and the fact that anyone under ager 65 sits at the kiddie table. If the truth be know, it is these people that really support this hobby and the businesses trying to make a living from magic. They are there for any magic related events in the area and if you’re willing to look past the few highly visible ass holes, I’ll bet your find some great people to talk to and learn from. Give it a try.

Some of the recent magic books – I think we’ve been really fortunate on some of the recent output:

  • Harry Riser’s new book
  • John Bannon’s Dear Mr. Fantasy
  • The book on Paul Potassy
  • The reprints of many of the Kaufman “classics”

Guess I better go drink a bottle of vinegar and get back to my usual sour self. I’m not sure who’s writing this……..

He Didn’t Fall Far From The Tree

I recently attended a show by a local magician, Dan Sperry, held in a theatre not far from where I live. Dan is a young man with wild spiked hair and very mod clothes. It’s not really my kind of act, but I do try to support any local magic action if at all possible.

Actually, the show wasn’t bad. The audience was about half kids, I would say and even though a lot of his material was more advanced he tried to play solely to the kids. Personally, I think that was a mistake, but it was his call.

Anyway, at some point he called up a kid that I would guess was about nine. The boy was a holy terror. He totally destroyed what should have been one of the highlights of the show – his Miser’s Dream. The kid ran behind the table and was totally uncooperative. A more seasoned performer would have done a quick bit and gotten the little hellion off of the stage. Dan pressed on and on and on. When the bit was over, the kid wouldn’t leave – his mother finally had to come on stage and get him.

My point? I was sitting next to some ass hole the was laughing at everything the kid did. I couldn’t understand. Then I realized it was his old man. Pitiful, just pitiful. I’m always amazed when parents will let their kids be so rude and thoughtless and make things miserable for everyone else.

I’m getting old……

Take care………

Drivel & Drool

Time to award the i/m Disposable Douche Award again

As we’ve mentioned previously, the i/m DD is not given frivolously or lightly. It must be earned by continuously being a pompous jackass – a rude and boorish person, incapable of decent human emotion or compassion. In other words – a world class DICK!

Today’s recipient is a man of unquestioned qualification for this prestigious designation. We are fortunate that he so freely exhibits his dickosity to one and all. I commend to you his latest bit of rancour:


Yes friends, Mario Carrandi is our honoree. As one who has dealt with Mario for many years, let me assure you that he is no johnny-come-lately to dickdom. No sirree bob, he’s been a horse’s ass since day one, only improving with age and growing in his chosen craft.

Here’s a tip of our hat and a drop of the trou to you, Mario – i/m’s latest Disposable Douche.

It’s Not All Crap After All!

I’ve been going through a magic funk recently, thinking there is absolutely nothing good in magic.

  • Clubs are dying.
  • New tricks are stale rehashes.
  • Damn few decent books.
  • The new DVDs S-T-I-N-K
  • All but a few performers are lame with a capital L

Out of boredom and nothing else to do, I went to a lecture. After attending the Al Bach lecture recently, I swore off ever going to another one. Just brutal. Anyway, Bob Sheets came through town and am I ever glad I went. It’s been a long time since a left a lecture actually enthused about the material. Material that made me want to go home and try some of the ideas.

Sheets was competent, funny, entertaining and congenial. His work with the shells is legendary and the reputation well deserved. His material shows the result of years of performance honing. He freely gave of his experience and answered all questions thoughtfully and completely.

Thanks, Bob, for putting some energy back in this old magic body!

Take care…..

Drivel & Drool

Cafe Fund Drive……..


I’m surprised the needle moved at all!